Radar’s Safe Spaces

Eco-friendly, sound muffling protection for your best friend.

Our Mission

The mission of Radar’s Love is to be able to create a safe space for our beloved furry friends, which is not only comforting to them, but also eco-friendly.

Our goal is to source materials that are normally thrown out and to reuse them to create the Safe Spaces. This will allow for those materials to have a second prolonged life where they would normally end up in a landfill.

The idea is simple but something that we all feel very strong about. We want to help not only our furry friends but the planet too.

How It All Started

Hi, my name is Joel and I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I currently own a DJ service, ride service and virtual tours service but I want to be able to move out of those and move on to my true passion: rescuing animals from harm’s way.

The list of things that I’ve done in my short amount of time here on Earth is long and I could tell you many stories but my main goal has become to help and inspire others in this world.

The reason I started Radar’s Love Project (Radar’s Love), is because I recently lost my best friend in the world…Radar.

Customized for your Pet

For Dogs

This is a quilt that’s been made from upcycled materials which includes shirts that have been donated with an Eco-Friendly Bamboo Frame.

Cats and More!

Cats love the safe space just as much as your pup will! It’s actually designed with all types of fur babies in mind. Your cat will also love to play on it!

How It Works

Step 1

Expand the bamboo frame to it’s widest point.

Step 2

Cover the bamboo frame with the upcycled quilt and stuff any remainder underneath.

Step 3

You’re done!

See how it works!

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Contact Info

(316) 330-2906


Hours of Availability

M-F: 9am – 5pm CST