Complete Safe Space – Small Pets


Designed from Bamboo, this safe space frame is biodegradable. The Ruff Quilt is made from mainly up-cycled materials, which include T-shirts.

This is for a quilt and a frame set made for smaller pets. We can custom build them accordingly but the size range on this product is for smaller pets.

Note: Size of frame and quilt may very according the details given to us after purchase.


These “Safe Spaces” are design from up-cycled t-shirts and other up-cycled materials that provide a comfort zone for your pets when they’re scared.


  • 1 – Ruff Quilt
  • 1 – Bamboo Frame

Note: These designs are what I like to call “Ruff” designs. They aren’t purrfect and are rough on the edges but will be made with 100% Love.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Radar's Safe Spaces

Safe Space, Ruff Quilts


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