Radar’s Ruff Quilt – Small


These Ruff Quilts are made out of Up-Cycled materials (mostly T-Shirts) and come in a variety of sizes. In this case, this is a Large Ruff Quilt with the average size of: 40in x 42in

The idea is that the quilt is not perfect and the edges are purposely left the way they are…

Hence the name: Ruff Quilts


This is what I like to call Ruff Quilts. The reason I call them this is because:

  1. They aren’t Purrfect.
  2. The edges have purposely been left “Rough”
  3. This one is Patch worked together with other shirts, sewn together.
  4. All quilts will vary in size, color and design.
  5. Average size: 40in x 42in

Additional information

Weight 80 oz


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